Mr Sam Beigy
Model of palladium
Mr Masoud Parastooei
Footballist Model of Palladium
Ms Sima Kaveh
Official Coach
Mrs Sensi Pooneh Haghdoost
18 th International Exhibition of Sports - Sport goods & Equipment2019 - Tehran -Iran
Pakistan Food Fair - Karachi 2019
Palladium in Hall 4 of the Expo Food and Machinery Exhibition - Karachi August 2019
Women's Crossfit Competition Northeast of Tehran
Shahin VIP Club - Shian - Tehran
Exhibition to support domestic production
Golden Palace Hotel - December 1398 - Mashhad - Iran
Gallery Opening - Tehran - Iran - March 2019
Madrid Photoshooting
26 th International Agrofood - Tehran -Iran
26th International Exhibition of Agricultural, Food, Machinery and Related Industries